It's not only about coding.
It's about bringing ideas to life

What I Do

I love creating content for the web that is not only useful but also enjoyable. I'm currently developing web sites, whilst stepping into the zone of iOS Development.

I also enjoy filming and editing short-length videos.

Web Development
Social Media Marketing
iOS Development
Video Editing

Tools That I Use

Web Development




iOS Development

Swift 5


Core Data



Xcode 11

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Final Cut Pro X

Operating Systems

Windows 10

macOS Catalina

Websites Portfolio

  • Monte Pittman - Official Website

    Monte Pittman is an American Musician/Singer/Songwriter, most famous as Madonna's long-time guitarist.

  • Diamond Clinic

    Diamond Clinic in Larisa, Greece offers high quality face & body treatments to show off your best self .

  • TaxPlanet Accounting Services

    TaxPlanet is an Accounting Company in Greece that helps Companies grow economically while offering consulting services as well.

  • Serafeim Bouloumpasis

    Serafeim Bouloumpasis is a plastic sergeon with experience in adults and children whilst making their lifes easier and more beautiful.

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